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"I wanted to take this time to thank Forward Slash Technology for the hard work and dedication to our Police Department's computer network...."
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"Our financial institution made a switch over to Forward Slash Technology approximately one year ago. Since our conversion to their services...."
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IP Telephony for Businesses with Fewer than 10 Employees

You are not a 'small' company'..rather you are revolutionary, agile and quick. Unlike some of your larger competitors you want to be able to turn on a dime address the issue and succeed. To do that, you need a technology that offers you all of the power, flexibility, and speed that have long been afforded to only a select few companies. Those days are gone; your company now possesses the ability to handle your business needs more effectively and with greater impact.

How you ask? With the use of a fully integrated, easy to manage IP Telephony solution from Forward Slash Technology and MITEL that will not only increase productivity, but lower your overall TCO. With such features as call mobility, call tracking, find-me follow-me and integrated e-mail you can now, 'Do more with Less'! If you are a company with 10 employees or less, let us show you how you can operate as though you had 10,000 employees! Our consultants will sit down with you, understand your needs and goals, and design a system that will virtually be up and running the very same day!

IP Telephony for SMBs

So many Solutions Providers want to 'label' their customers, paint them in a corner. However, at Forward Slash Technology we want to help your business meet and exceed those goals you have set out for yourself. We can help you find solutions to:

  • Increase sales
  • Drive efficiency
  • Get to market faster

Regardless the goal; Forward Slash Technology and MITEL can help you achieve these very things and then some. It's is imperative that in today's marketplace you differentiate yourself and standout from the rest of the pack. It sounds simple enough, but analysis, planning, and execution, and then following up to see how well your end users adopt the technology given to them has caused the conversation to move beyond simple toll-by-pass and more to collaboration.

How your employees can best leverage IP Telephony from Forward Slash Technology and MITEL is central to standing out from the rest of your competitors. With a carefully thought out and perfectly executed Unified Communication Solution from Forward Slash Technology and MITEL you can better reach your objectives and truly benefit from such forward think technologies as Contact Center, Find-me-Follow-me, Integrated E-mail and Collaboration. Look, it's a crowded world; let Forward Slash Technology help you stand out from the pack'Call us today!

Enterprise Business Solutions (250+ Employees)

Your company, your team...your Enterprise is at the top of the heap, and not just by happenstance. You have worked hard and long to get where you are and you're not done yet. The company you represent has many more goals to achieve and with as many targets on your back from competitors, you have to work twice as hard just to stay on top.

Work smarter not harder as we like to say at Forward Slash Technology and in doing so we have helped a number of large enterprises not only stay on top but excel with the help of MITEL Solutions. Size in a crowded market space can either be a benefit or quite frankly a hindrance. Let Forward Slash Technology and MITEL Solutions help you retain your agility and competiveness with Unified Communications that will in turn make you as quick to market as your smallest adversary.

With our experienced consultants you can begin to lower your IT spend and more effectively leverage those technologies that equate to speed, such as Collaboration, Video Conferencing, Mobility and Virtualization. Let Forward Slash Technology and MITEL Solutions help you reach for the stars while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

  • Significant savings in phone expenses
  • Phone service on the go as you can take your phone home or to another office or have calls forwarded to your cell phone
  • Access to all of the features you expect including voicemail, caller ID, call conferencing, call forwarding, call queuing, and follow-me
  • The ability to make phone calls directly from a computer
  • The option to have voicemails delivered to your inbox for added flexibility and mobility

To learn more about the advantages of using a VOIP system or to find out how our VOIP consultation and support services can help your business, please contact our IT company.

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