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IP Telephony Virtualization with Forward Slash Technology and MITEL

In light of some of the recent disasters it is impossible to calculate the true level of loss, both in terms of life or emotion. As we look to any natural disaster, it is prudent to also look to the enormous loss in terms of business continuity and disaster recovery - especially from a Voice Communications and Connectivity standpoint. Although Virtualization has become a mainstay in a lot of data centers and organizations today, and for good reason, it is just now making its way to the likes of IP Telephony. Virtualization can lower operational costs, overall it spend, and can also help with disaster recovery, business continuity, and efficiency.

Voice Application Virtualization is no longer in its infancy, rater it is starting to ramp up in its adoption rate amongst corporate users for the very reason mentioned above, disaster recovery and business continuity. Voice Application Virtualization closes the loop on these two very important areas. Resiliency is key to mission critical solutions like unified communications, while also eliminating the need to have redundant servers required in a dedicated server deployment. It's also important to keep in mind the very important aspect of fiduciary responsibility by way of looking at the bottom line. Voice Application Virtualization lowers both operational costs as well as overall IT spend, this fact having been proven with virtualization from the server to the desktop as in the past. So as you look to your business and how to best position and protect it, keep Voice Application Virtualization at the forefront and keep Forward Slash Technology there with you. We look forward to showing you both the financial and technical benefits of these revolutionary technologies.

The Virtual Voice Solution

MITEL and VMWARE (both are Forward Slash Technology partners) created the best-available solutions for virtual voice on the market. some of the solutions include:

  • Cloud Communciations - Mitel Virtual Solutions for voice.
  • Virtual Desktop - Integrated with the Mitel UCA and VMware View, virtual voice gets a virtual desktop.
  • Data Center Virtualization - Virtual Mitel Communications Director, a real-time trusted voice application that runs on the same servers that other business applications do.
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