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St. Louis Web Design Services - Social Media Management

IT Disaster Recovery Services | St. Louis IT ServicesDo you know how to manage your social media campaign, or what is even possible with a social media campaign? Posting updates on Twitter and Facebook are often not enough. You have to consider the hundreds of social media platforms, and more importantly, which are right for your business.

Just like any marketing campaign, first you will need to decide what your goals are with your campaign, or more than likely you will end up feeling disappointed in the end product. As valuable of a tool as a social media campaign can be, it can be a dangerous pit to throw money into if you do not know what you are doing and employ a company that understands how to create effective relationships with the types of clients you are looking for. Ten years ago the standard was for a company to have a Web site. In the modern Web, it is becoming expected for companies to have a Facebook page, and often it is expected for them to branch out further into social media.

Social Media Management - St. Louis

Social Media is a Solution to Connect with Customers, Not to Annoy Them.

Social Media campaigns can be one of the most effective tools for your business, or they can be a drain on your budget. Before you invest in Social Media, your company should ask the following questions:

Who are you reaching out to?

All forms of online media have a target demographic ' Facebook is not the best place to reach your audience if your target demographic is men age 50-65. Facebook does have millions of users, but the important thing to keep in mind is which users are consistently using Facebook. Similarly, you should consider audiences on other platforms, such as blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Each platform has a unique demographic (even if it is a very large demographic) ' and your social media company should address that. One of your first warning signs of a bad social media company is if they tell you 'Everyone' uses social media.

What is your product?

There are some things that are born for a social media platform. For example, retail stores that sell specialty items have a wonderful space on Pinterest. You can take pictures of all of your items, and display their possibilities. Jewelry stores can show off each of their products attractively, linking back to their site. Service industry? Often YouTube is the best bet for service industries. If you are an industrial architecture firm, showing your crew on their best behavior working on a particularly impressive project can speak volumes to potential customers. Most business types have a specific platforms that work for them, and it is better to invest your time on the platforms that will be most meaningful for your business as opposed to trying to have a social media presence on every existing platform.

What information do your potential clients really want?

Sure, you can post some piece of marketing garbage that no one will read or pay attention to. The 'flavor of the day' comments that many large companies post as their daily update not only do not convert clients, but actively create an environment that makes a social campaign ineffective.

The trick is to not only post, but to post exciting, relevant information that your audience can use. Whether it is a retail product that they want to view, or information about how to perform a simple task, you will start forging relationships with your audience. For example, if you own a car repair shop, you may shoot a simple Youtube video of 'How to perform an oil change.' People that watch your video will start thinking, 'Hey, these guys are great, and honest, I should take my repairs there,' and you giving away information that will not harm your business brings in the business that an amateur can't handle.

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